Tashijong Mahakali Dances

The monastery is located in Tashi Jong village, which is a small rural area situated between Paprola and Taragarh. It is home to the Drugpa Kagyu tradition of Buddhism, established by 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche, Dongyu Nyima. The monastery complex houses the main temple, the stupa of Khamtrul Rinpoche, and the Yamantak Retreat Center which is restricted to the general public. Designed by Khamtrul Rinpoche, the entire building is adorned with woodcarving, gilding and painting.


  • Delhi to Kulu by small plane
  • Kulu to Palumpur by public bus
  • Palumpur walking distance to Tashijong Monastary
  • Palumpur to Jammu on narrow gauge railroad thru mountains
  • Jammu to Delhi via daily train

Tashjong off in the distance

In the Himalyan foothills nearby to Tashjong

Everyone is assembled for the entry of the reincarnated Rinpoche.
Note the “Clown Character” in center screen and the Vice Abbot seated to the left of the long-bearded Lama.  Note spectators in the background.

The Tashijong’s Senior Leadership (1983)

Everyone Heads for the Tent which has been set up in preparation for the Mahakali Dances.

Kids watching me watching them. Everybody has come to watch the dances.

Everyone Rises and Sutras are read to commemorate the occasion
NOTE:  The 6-year-old reincarnation of previous Lama seated on throne

The Temple Used as Backstage

  • Costume changes
  • Conference
  • Way to make BIG Entrance

Table Used for props and important ritual items.

Spiral Dance

  • Like the Whirling Sufi Dervishes except much slower
  • Moving in circles turning on one leg for extended periods of time

NOTE:  Spectators in background

Animal Spirits

Enter down the temple steps and into the playing area

NOTE:  The Western Saddhu sitting in the upper left background

Good View of Animal Mask wearing monk as he enters  playing area.

Animal Spirits do Circle Dance
NOTE:  Charm held in hand of Cow in forefront

Dead Assemble, Before doing their dance.

Blue Faced Clown with top knot n big ears keeping close watch on two Bon demons.

Pursuing the Demonic Forces and Exiling them from Tibet

A Bon Demoness: Dances in front of Black Hat dancers with ceremonial drums

The Scariest Demon of Them All

Final ritual of the Mahakali ceremony takes place at midnight

End of Day

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