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We can help you efficiently measure the impact of your traning and workforce development initiatives.

Having been trained as an educational specialist at Vanderbilt, Dr. Kantor knows how important assessment is to the learning process. People need feedback and opportunities to improve based on practice and compassionate, detailed feedback. Organizations want to be sure that their capability enablement is working as a means to change behavior for the better and often as the basis for either containing cost or increasing revenue.

Dr. Kantor is conversant in numerous measurement methodologies including Kirkpatrick, Phillips’ ROI and Bersins impact measurement framework. As a lead for learning assessment at Accenture and during his tenure as Chief Evaluation Strategist at BoA, he worked as a Director of Strategic Initiatives for Zeroed In Technology, a learning & workforce development company. supporting initiatives to measure learning outcomes and impact for Intel training at the DoD’s Intel Colleges.

After that Dr. Kantor working under contract to Sweet Rush conducted a successful ROI study for a large, automotive products company and numerous other startups and established firms. He specializes in the creation of Dashboards and an Indexing methodology that can be used to measure training impact across the Enterprise and provide either a holistic view of results or more detailed examination of the different variables and factors that comprise a balanced scorecard approach.

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Simply said Ron, you are exceptional! Your practical real world experience in human capital management and instructional system design, combined with your consultative doctoral approach to problem solving and fact finding is a winning combination. Your ability to see the big picture has left a trail of successes where most professionals would get lost in the forest. You are an asset to our company, our customers, and the industry at large. I look forward to continuing our work together.

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Chris Moore, CEO Zeroed In Technologies

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