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Learning Architecture & Experience Design

Compliance Training.  Everybody in every organization seems to hate this rather repetitive activity with its policy laden, redundant content.  Why are we all still. Compliance Training.  It’s the result of the Enron debacle in the late 90s that led to the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley* a law designed to increase the ethical conduct  of corporate entities and organizations.  Compliance training thereby became part of the Regulatory landscape in the US and required the Federal Government and other state entities to scrutinize the quality of an organization’s compliance training and its results.  These results generally assessed by degree of completion within a company’s workforce and a grade point level on knowledge tests associated with the training, of at least 70% correct.  There are a set number of topics for Compliance training that Sarbanes-Oxley specifically identified as required, including Ethics, Info Protection and Anti-Money Laundering.  Aside from the need to satisfy regulatory authorities, Compliance training can and does provide the means, via policy, to mitigate HR risk.  Compliance training can focus on avoiding or transferring reputational. litigious risk and more in ways that prevent a company from being taken to court while subject to use indemnities.  This is the most important business rationale for compliance training:  to reduce a company’s level of risk and provide the basis for a common organizational vision around business objectives, values, rules of conduct and shared purpose.  The most important aspect of Compliance Training that learning strategists and instructional designers need to remember is that it often isn’t seen as training at all, but an obligation one most fulfill to satisfy various authoritative entities both within (supervisors), and external to a company (regulators).

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Simply said Ron, you are exceptional! Your practical real world experience in human capital management and instructional system design, combined with your consultative doctoral approach to problem solving and fact finding is a winning combination. Your ability to see the big picture has left a trail of successes where most professionals would get lost in the forest. You are an asset to our company, our customers, and the industry at large. I look forward to continuing our work together.

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