Workplace Learning

The Design of Workplace Learning

Given Covid, one of the more interesting questions that have arisen is where is the workplace anyway?

  • If you’re a corporate worker is it in the centralized office or in a geographically dispersed set of home offices?
  • If you’re a teacher, is it the physical classroom or the virtual classroom seated at a computer on your desk?
  • If you’re an academic, is it the university technology ecosystem or is there a campus?
  • If you are a student, any kind of student, are you attending a live, face-to-face campus or attending from home?

More than likely, asked where you work, you are probably thinking of your workplace as some combination of centralized office, school, or physical workspace as well as how you virtually connect to your organization’s technology platform. Of course, workplace learning is also highly specific in domains that have no choice but to be physical and place-based like hospitals, factories, retail shops, mines, construction and any other types of work environments that require physical interaction between the worker and their work environment. Let Dr. Kantor help you figure out how to make your own unique hybrid workplace learning as efficient and effective as possible. The best learning solutions take into account both the condition of learning and find ways to measure both the emotional and cognitive effects of the training solution. We are just at the beginning of approaches to learning and team building that will leverage virtual reality, augmented reality, simulations, and all.
Let Dr. Kantor help you move into this new world successfully.

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Simply said Ron, you are exceptional! Your practical real world experience in human capital management and instructional system design, combined with your consultative doctoral approach to problem solving and fact finding is a winning combination. Your ability to see the big picture has left a trail of successes where most professionals would get lost in the forest. You are an asset to our company, our customers, and the industry at large. I look forward to continuing our work together.

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Chris Moore, CEO Zeroed In Technologies