Design Thinking

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Design Thinking

More and more it has become apparent that Zoomers and Millennials in the workforce are demanding to be heard.

Design Thinking is a methodology for creating strategic plans, brainstorming and producing solutions to an organization’s ongoing challenges.  Solutions that can focus on concrete operational improvements, the conceptual design of new products and services, and continuous improvement approaches that value the input of the people who do the work.  Design Thinking is a way not just to involve your people in one off design projects.  It is an organizational mindset that posits that the people who do the work or provide the customer service know best how to improve/enhance the products and services they do every day.   Design Thinking and AGILE Project Management using SCRUM-based methods are quite inter-related.  Not so much in process, as much in philosophy and the value systems that undergird them.

Dr. Kantor has spent time at the source of the Design Thinking philosophy.  He has attended intro and advanced training sessions at the iDesign Lab at Stanford.  He has facilitated numerous Design Thinking ideation sessions with both commercial and not for profit organizations.  Consult with Dr. Kantor to learn how Design Thinking may be a way to enhance and improve your organization’s culture, operations, productivity and profitability.  Design Thinking as a way to harness the passion and intensity of the Zoomer generation.  It can be done.

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Simply said Ron, you are exceptional! Your practical real world experience in human capital management and instructional system design, combined with your consultative doctoral approach to problem solving and fact finding is a winning combination. Your ability to see the big picture has left a trail of successes where most professionals would get lost in the forest. You are an asset to our company, our customers, and the industry at large. I look forward to continuing our work together.

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Chris Moore, CEO Zeroed In Technologies