Into the Virtual. Coping With Covid

An adept and humane experience design for virtual classes & blended solutions.

Everyone’s approach to delivering educstional experiences that rely on face to face, place based instruction is being forced to reconsider their delivery approach to teaching and learning. Unfortunately, due to the emergency nature of the sitatuion, many educational organixations have chosen to try and replicate regular classroom instructi9 in a virtual condition. Guess what? It really doesn’t work very well. Teachers rarely teacher but instead are assignment and attendance managers. Students are barely engaged and feel trapped in a boring cylcle of busy work and lectures without opportunities to really use the meeting technology to communicate and collaborate together. Instead we have a paradigm that relies mostly one-way communication and barely scratches the surface of what social media and self paced learning can do when tied to engaging, live synchronous teaching and learning.

Let Dr. Kantor help you formulate and implement innovative designs for virtual teaching and learning and suggest novel interaction models and project based learning as individuals or in collaboration. We also design Group Learning Assessment Programs that leverage gamification and turn the tables on the boring lecturer based paradigm of direct instruction.

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Simply said Ron, you are exceptional! Your practical real world experience in human capital management and instructional system design, combined with your consultative doctoral approach to problem solving and fact finding is a winning combination. Your ability to see the big picture has left a trail of successes where most professionals would get lost in the forest. You are an asset to our company, our customers, and the industry at large. I look forward to continuing our work together.

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Chris Moore, CEO Zeroed In Technologies

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