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The Animals of India

Oasis Center Charlotte

Meherabad Everywhere one looks when traveling in India, one sees animals living along side people in ways that are almost medieval. Despite cars, motorcycles, rickshaws and more mechanized modes of transportation one sees horse tongas, bullock carts and all kinds of goats, pigs, dogs, birds, and, of course cows. Aside from creating rather crowded streets

Root cause Analysis

Kantor Institute of Teaching & Learning 400 Wingrave Drive, Charlotte

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Using Root Cause Analysis to Resolve Conflict, Settle Issues and Gain Strategic Insight


The Buddhas of Bangkok

Oasis Center Charlotte

Tibetan Lady in front of Collossal Stone Cut Buddha (Datong - China, 1983) Initially, when Gautama Buddha was alive in about 400 BC, his followers attempted to emulate his lifetime of asceticism, meditation and solitude. As time went on a religion formed around the Buddha's concepts and spiritual practices. No visual representation of the Buddha